Our History

The Kansas City Southwest Clinical Society (KCSWCS) was founded in 1923 as a multispecialty physician association for the primary purpose of post-graduate medical education. The Society is thought to be one of the oldest postgraduate medical education organizations west of the Mississippi.

A group of individual physicians took on the task of developing an organization that could provide postgraduate education to physicians. The founding physicians wanted to promote, encourage and develop the educational advantages of the clinical material of Kansas City and to hold an annual clinical conference that would demonstrate and emphasize the progress of medicine.

Today, KCSWCS is a regional professional medical society whose activities are devoted entirely to continuing medical education. It is completely independent and has no affiliation with any area medical schools or hospitals.

Our executive committee consists of physicians from different specialties, community practice settings and medical affiliations that collectively plan, organize and implement the CME activities for our regional healthcare membership and audience.

Our Mission

KCSWCS encourages the incorporation and utilization of medical research and evidence-based medicine in daily patient care by encouraging physicians and other health care providers to share their knowledge, expertise and experience through continuing medical education activities both directly and jointly sponsored.